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Organisations are continuously challenged to meet the needs of teaching and learning, as they grow larger, and the learning needs are more complex. The availability of technology today have provided easier access to multimedia creation and better internet access. Learning Content Management System (LCMS) provides a way to manage learning contents to meet the needs of a virtual learning environment (VLE). LCMS reduces the cost for trainers or trainees to attend training and provides a foundation to develop a learning culture in the organisation.

LCMS are suitable to meet the need of education sector and corporate training programmes. LMS is where the learning experience can be managed and course designers are able to design layout of learning contents. Facilitators and educators can centralise online resources, deliver flexible courses and manage variety of assessment.

Open source software (OSS) provides a low entry cost to implement industry standard technology that is adopted worldwide. OSS is provided as the LMS, operating system, database, web servers and many more. Benefits include access to software updates by the worldwide community, faster time to deploy, industry tested software and highly extensible to meet the needs of users.

Our Experience

We have the industry experience as LMS implementers and course content designers to offer the full range of support, from initial set-up through implementation, change management, ongoing technical support (on-site and helpdesk) and hosting of LMS. We work closely with our clients on the use of OSS in implementing educational solutions as it provides a comprehensive solution.

Our experience enable learning providers to rapidly implement new approaches to support teaching and learning. This offers an opportunity for teachers/facilators and learners to interact at any time or place, regardless of location. The leading open source software (OSS) for LCMS, being Moodle is used extensively.

Benefits of LCMS provided by Dataware
  1. Green technology to fully utilise processors through virtualisation or use of our services on the cloud
  2. Enhance communication (with peers, tutors and clients)
  3. Interactive and feature rich learning environment that supports high quality multimedia contents
  4. Centralised storage of the personal learning experience
  5. Access to information and activities outside of classes
  6. Ability for learners to reinforce learning, learn at own pace or catch up on missed classes
  7. A powerful and flexible testing and assessment system
  8. Empower student over the learning process leading to an innovative individual
 What is Moodle?

Moodle is an acronym which stands for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. Moodle is the leading open source LMS solution with more than 45,000 registered sites. We make it easy for institutions to get up and running quickly with their LCMS implementation through Moodle customisation specific to their business needs, value-added software and services, and a full spectrum of additional support options that can help increase participation from the learners and teachers. Built on a strong pedagogical foundation, Moodle provides a feature rich e-learning platform for the delivery of learning in a flexible and collaborative environment.

Our Services

  1. Project management & consultation: working together to manage LMS implementation of new LMS, migrating or enhancing of LMS.
  2. LMS Setup and configuration: to successfully configure and launch your learning management system. This includes the configuring the web server, databases and related system software.
  3. Operational Support: to help operate your LMS after launch. Provide onsite/remote and helpdesk support.
  4. Change management: to empower users with knowledge on benefits of using the LMS and administrators to have the required skills. Workshops and training sessions are designed to meet specific needs of client as there are no one size that fits all.

Features of LCMS

1 Features of LCMS

What are people saying?

MARA Smart Education (SmartEdu) LMS allows teachers to design and create T&L session that meets their students’ needs through My RPH (online lesson plan). They can also create course and learning activity to be part of 21st Century Learning Design lesson. During T&L process, students are able to answer quiz that provides immediate feedback and submit their assignment. Using SmartEdu, T&L process is integrated with ICT and student-centered. For management, SmartEdu allows the school management to review and approve My RPH and also monitor MARA SmartEdu usage at each MRSM.

Pn. Rosni, MARA