Open Source Software (OSS) Competency Center

CMG is the pioneer in Open Source Software (OSS) development, Starting early in 1990’s, today the company has an open source team comprising:

  • Research & Design Division
  • Software Development Division
  • Technical Support & Help Desk Division
  • Training and Certification Division
  • Marketing and Promotion Division

CMG Open Source Division has enabled IT executives and their companies to capitalize on open source solutions. We can help establish or advance your global open source vision, setting implementation priorities, delivering updated and new functionality to the business that will inject unprecedented flexibility into your organization while lowering your IT’s total cost of ownership. We had managed largest Open Source Competency Center in Malaysia since the year 1997, the team has helped many organizations, including Government agencies, to identify and devise open source strategies across a diverse set of technology disciplines.

We offer the following strategic open source consulting services:

  • ROI and TCO Analysis
  • Business Requirement and Operation Analysis
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Licensing Advisory
  • System Analysis
  • License Advisory
  • Proprietary and open source solutions and cost comparisons
  • Code Analysis

Open source products and services we offer:

  • CMG open source product implementation and service comprising:
    • ConnectManage - A complete network monitoring and asset management product that offers comprehensive fault detection, performance monitoring and inventory management across LAN, WAN, servers, applications and all other IT infrastructure.
    • OpenHIS - A comprehensive Hospital Information Solution based on Care2X designed framework that easily customizes to suit the needs of different hospital and healthcare operation environments.
    • Elms - A comprehensive Learning Management Solution developed on Moodle framework. Courseware development in accordance with Scorm Compliance and various applications related to education processes are offered.

  • Open source software development based on various open source tools.
  • Open source system solutions such as Bacula, suseFirewall, Redhat, Ubuntu, Centos, Zabbix, SuseLinux.
  • Open source database configuration, administration and implementation for MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Open source courseware training on Linux certification, Moodle, OpenOffice and various system solutions
  • Open source software and system helpdesk support and services