Disaster Recovery Center (DRC)

Our BCM Solutions

A.       Professional Services – Consulting & Outsourcing

CMG provides a spectrum of BCM consulting and outsourcing services to assist our customers to develop, implement and maintain a BCM initiative within their organization.

We are able to assist our customer in the following areas:

  • To study and analyse the risks and impacts to the business
  • To formulate and implement appropriate BCM strategies, BCP, crisis management plans and emergency responses to meet customer’s business requirements
  • To develop and manage BCM awareness and training programmes for customer’s organization
  • To maintain, manage and enhance the BCP and crisis management plans through evaluation of pre-planned and coordinated simulated disaster exercises
  • To provide outsourced skilled manpower to manage both primary and secondary sites, even during and after a disaster

B.       Disaster Recovery Centre (DRC)

In addition to our professional services, we also provide a fully-equipped Disaster Recovery Centre (DRC) for our customers to establish a secondary IT Data Centre for housing critical IT infrastructure. In the event of a disaster, the customer can decide to activate the secondary site at the DRC immediately and CMG operations personnel will perform the necessary tasks as outlined in the BCP and/or crisis management plan.

Facilities in DRC

  1. Raised Flooring
    The server room’s floor is raised to protect all hardware and equipment from floodings

  2. Air-Conditioning
    The server room is equipped with split air-conditioning. With this facility, the servers will be able to perform in optimal environment.

  3. Fire Extinguisher
    Fire extinguishing equipment is provided at the DRC for fire security.

  4. CCTV
    CCTV is installed in the server room to monitor and observe activities.

  5. Access Card System
    To enter the DRC and server room, access card system is implemented allowing only authorized personnel to enter the facility.

  6. Smoke Detector
    Smoke detector is installed.

  7. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and Generator
    TNB power passes through the inverter – converter of the UPS system and output of the UPS system supplies power to the computer facility. This isolates the facility from utility transients and outages. Complete protection is provided from power surges, outages, voltage fluctuations, power frequency fluctuations and loss of utility power.

    If the power outage is for an extended period, a generator will be activated to continue to support the servers and equipment in the DRC.

  8. Alarm System
    Alarm system is implemented for unauthorized intrusions.

  9. Broadband Wireless
    This solution offers reliable and secure, high-speed connectivity with lower total cost compared to leased line, T1/E1 lines and similar wireless access solutions.

  10. Telephone and Internet Services
    Internet and telephone services are enabled with Broadband Streamyx and telephone lines installed throughout the DRC.

  11. Networking Services
    The DRC is well equipped with all necessary points for networking purposes. The facilities must be able to perform in an optimal environment. With this routine activity, CMG Online can ensure its customers are on full protection from data loss due to damaged equipment, software upgrades, viruses, user errors, hackers and theft.

Services Offered

Warm Disaster Recovery Strategy
This approach is used by customers who need an immediate recovery mechanism in the event of a disaster with minimal impact to their business. CMG will ensure real-time transaction based mirroring, whereby changes in primary server are immediately replicated in secondary server.

This service will allow single data changes, either small or large, immediately replicated/transferred to the secondary server, when detected by primary servers. The data in the secondary server will be backed up daily and a backup report will be provided to customer.

A Disaster Recovery Test Plan will be documented and a recovery simulation will be carried out on quarterly basis to ensure the disaster recovery process is operational and reliable.

Cold Disaster Recovery Strategy
This approach is used by customers who need to perform disaster recovery but can afford to have some delays in activating the secondary IT infrastructure at the DRC. The data in the servers at customer’s site and DRC will be synchronized once a week using customer’s backup data cartridges. A backup report will be provided to customer upon completion of the data synchronization.

A Disaster Recovery Test Plan will be documented and a recovery simulation will be carried out on quarterly basis to ensure the disaster recovery process is operational and reliable.

CMG’s DRC Server Health Check
We can also perform the following activities:

  1. Perform regular Operating System patches and backup application patches to DRC machines (as per customer requirement).
  2. Ensure all DRC hardware is updated with latest firmware.
  3. Ensure all DRC hardware in operation reports and coordinates with its principal should problems exist.

24x7 Operation Support
Our 24x7 operation support is set-up to maximize services offered to customers. It has 2 approaches. With the first approach, customers can reach our on-site engineers for any issues concerning data or storage. The second approach enables customers to contact our help desk officers located at our headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. Both services are available from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. on weekdays. Alternatively, customers can contact our engineers via their mobile phones if assistance is needed outside office hours. The maximum response time in this case is one hour.

On-Site Engineer Standby
Our engineers are located on-site at the DRC in Johor. They perform daily incremental data backups, which will be stored at the customer’s site. To ensure smooth and complete daily backup, monitoring will be performed on the server and storage to ensure all equipment performs to specifications.


  • Your business can continue to operate in the event of a disaster
  • We provide a fully-equipped Data Center with 24x7 operational support
  • Customers can easily access resources in DRC via Internet connectivity
  • Customers have option of using either wired or wireless connectivity to DRC
  • Your disaster recovery strategy can grow with your business easily with minimal change – from a cold disaster recovery today to warm disaster recovery tomorrow
  • Our quarterly testing of the disaster recovery test plan assures you of the reliability of the recovery plan

We can also perform additional server health check activities to meet your organization’s requirements.

With our combined professional consulting services and physical infrastructure facilities (i.e. DRC), CMG can provide effective, end-to-end business continuity management services to our customers to withstand potential disasters or crisis with minimal disruption to their business.